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  • Read more about your organization and its key figures.
  • Get familiar with the era and rival factions you are going to encounter in the game.
  • Go through the maps, to see what territory is claimed by individual rival groups.
  • Look at the playable characters – think about a role, you would like to play.

Roaring ‘20s

The Great War finished in 1918 and people were shaken by its horrors. The war was over, and Americans did not want to go back to the trenches of the Western Front in their thoughts. They wanted to feel alive. They wanted to enjoy all the beauties of life. They wanted to love, drink, laugh and dance. This is where jazz craze struck home.

When it comes to politics, two very important amendments were introduced, the 18th and the 19th. Both changed the ways of the world. The 19th amendment gave women the right to vote, they had helped their countries a lot during the war years and they wanted their fair share of power. Who would blame them?!

The 18th amendment prohibited the manufacture, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages. It looks like a scourge to humanity; the opposite was the truth for us. The mobsters found ways to deliver the booze to people who wanted it, despite the laws. This is where famous bootleggers (smugglers) were born, and speakeasies (illegal bars) flourished. Untaxed money was there for taking, and we have taken our share so far. But it seems that we might be entitled to more after all.

The Mob

Our forefathers set us a mighty example. They took the riches of the New World that were there for taking. They were feared by Irishmen and Italians alike, but the days are gone. History flies past very fast, and the Great War changed a lot of things as well. Who remembers the names such as Monk Eastman or Harry Horowitz nowadays?

The government has banned import and sale of booze. What a blessing for us! The economy is booming, and people want to enjoy their lives to the fullest. Why shouldn’t we give it to them if there is a demand? We are no thugs, my dear friends; we are businessmen of a new kind! Arnold Rothstein has led us successfully, and he knows his trade, be assured of that! He is not called “the Brain” for no reason after all. Soon every city in the U.S. will know what is “kosher” and what is not. We are the ones who will teach them about the proper ways starting here in the very heart of New York. In Manhattan.

Arnold Rothstein

“the Brain”

He understood the truths of capitalism (giving people what they want) and dominated them.


Meyer Lansky

“Mob’s Accountant”

When he was a schoolboy, an Italian teenager tried to extort protection money from him. Instead of giving it to him, he made him his business associate.


Benjamin Siegel


Siegel, the youngest of the gang, was known around his, as “chaye”; a Yiddish word meaning "untamed" or "animal".


Dutch Schultz

A boy has never wept...nor dashed a thousand kin.

No liquor

Roles to Play

You are the Mob. Every one of you has a different role in the organization and your expertise in the field is never overlooked. It is wise to listen to what others in the organization have to say, and your boss always does that.

The characters presented below are certain archetypes that help you approach the problems presented in the game with a specific point of view. However, do not be limited by the unique character traits of your role. They are here to help you enjoy the game and have competing viewpoints in the group, not make you stuck with a simplistic, one-sided character.

The Underboss

Every boss has its underboss(es). You are a born leader that enjoys a lot of autonomy from his boss. You always need to consider all the pros and cons. There are many different approaches to the issues you are going to face. Consider them all wisely and be aware that in the end, it is you who is responsible for the success or failure.

The Accountant

Math and money that is what makes you comfortable. You are a stranger to thuggish methods and violence. You believe that clever financial operations can assure the prosperity of the mob. Not always strictly legal, though.

The Lawyer

It is necessary to consider the legal implications of your actions. The line between the legal and illegal might be thin in some cases. In some other, it is not, but there are still loopholes to be used. Witnesses might disappear or change their testimony. No one wants to spend their time in jail, right?! It is your job to keep your fellow friends from being found guilty.

The Captain

The mob needs practical men to run the operations. The booze won’t deliver itself to speakeasies and wars can seldom be won without a single shot fired. There always needs to be a person to organize soldiers on the ground, and it is you.

The Hitman

There are times where a precise hit can avoid bloodshed. Organizations will crumble when you find their weak spots and do what needs to be done with them. You need to be both clever and coldblooded to do so, and you are.

The Rabbi

No one really knows how deeply you really care about the spiritual ways of your ancestors but you are here to remind your fellows of the traditions of your people. Wisdom and knowledge of the ages are not be taken for granted. The chosen people need teachers to guide them on their (sometimes very peculiar) ways.

The Gambler

Your life is a joyride with all the ups and downs it has brought to you. If you do not play, you can’t win. Not only are you professionally interested in gambling, but you are also aware of the fact that higher the stakes are the higher the yield can be – in all aspects of life.

The Brute

Violence is sometimes the simplest and the most effective method of making other people understand what they have to or mustn’t do. You enjoy your work; it is messy and dangerous, but the results speak for themselves.

The Unionist

It would be foolish to underestimate the working people of this country. They are the backbone of the society and economy. In order to have common people on your side, you need to think about their interest as well. There is no shame in “redistributing” the capital. It is convenient if it is possible to redistribute the wealth of other capitalists.

The Politician

It is necessary to cultivate relationships within and even outside of your business. We need to know what other people really want so that we can offer it to them. It doesn’t matter if it is politicians, judges, policemen or thugs, you can always make mutually beneficial agreements. One needs to form alliances. And also switch sides if need be.


Factions of Manhattan Competing with Us

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Jack “Legs” Diamond

We have made several attempts to get rid of their leader, Jack “Legs” Diamond also known as Gentleman Jack but he always “bounced back”. They even started calling him “clay pigeon of the underworld”, the bastard can't be killed! A bloody lucky Irishman! Enough is enough; we’ll take the matter with those drunk potato-eaters more seriously from now on!

Home neighborhods

  • Hell’s Kitchen North
  • Hell’s Kitchen South
  • Five Points
  • Lower East Side


Charles “Lucky” Luciano.

There are also more flexible and progressive Sicilian-Americans among their lieutenants and captains who see how the mutual business would be beneficial for both sides. One such a fine gentleman is Charles “Lucky” Luciano. We need to watch these “Young Turks” closely as they try to climb to the top.

Home neighborhods

  • East Village,
  • Little Italy,
  • NoHo,
  • Lower Manhattan,
  • Greenwich Village
  • Lenox Hill.
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Sai Wing Mock

Sai Wing Mock a.k.a Mock Duck is the leader of Hip Sing Tong. He is also called the “Mayor of China Town”. He defeated On Leong Tong some fifteen years ago and became a kingpin of China Town but it seems that On Leong Tong are having a powerful comeback. There have recently been several unsuccessful attempts on Mock Duck’s life and the atmosphere in the community is pretty heated.

Home neighborhods

  • China Town,
  • Two Bridges,
  • Upper East Side


This is the key vocabulary used across the materials presented here. You might already know a lot of items from the selected vocabulary. However, there might be some items that you don't know or you are not sure how they collocate (go together) with other items. Check the mind map below for terms connected with criminal activities of the time. As you will use these items of vocabulary during the speaking session, check the pronunciation as well - you can do it easily on IVONA webpage (text to speech software) or in any good online dictionary. Dictionaries will help you with understanding the individual items as well, feel free to use them.